Sightseeing in Gangtok

Sightseeing in Ravangla

The entire Sikkim is filled with exciting tourist locations. Ravangla also represents its name as one of the most visited tourist spots in South Sikkim.The site is situated amongst the major Himalayan peaks like Mt Kanchenjunga, Mt Pandim, Mt Kabru, Mt Siniolchu etc, which are clearly visible from here. View of such peaks, eye-soothing greenery andreligious spots are some of the prime tourist attractions in Ravangla.

Places to Visit in Ravangla

Buddha Park

The Buddha Park was actually built to promote the tourism in Sikkim by government. Several people throughout India and across visit this park to watch the 130 ft high statue of Lord Shakyamani Buddha in the serene panoramic backdrop of snow-clad mountains.

Temi Tea Garden

Being the only tea garden in Sikkim, Temi holds a great significance in terms of tea-plantation and tourism of the state. The quality tea, cultivated in this tea estate, with 117 acres area,has a great demand in international market.

Ralang Monastery

Located approximately 6 km from Ravangla, this Buddhist monastery follows the Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It is said to have been built after the fourth Chogyal returned from his pilgrimage. An exquisite collection of painting and thangkas can be observed here.

Rayong Sunrise Viewpoint

The viewpoint in Rayong is located at an elevation of 8700 ft andis an excellent opportunity to experience the moment of sunrise from behind the wavy hills. Besides, you can also watch Mt Narsing, Mt Kabru, Jopuno, Rathong etc.

Tashiding Monastery

It is said that Guru Padmasambhava visited this monastery during 8th century, which is now following the Jhang-Ter lineage of Nyingmapa sect in the state of Sikkim.Located on top of a hill between Rathong River and Rangit River, Tashiding Monastery is a place of historical, architectural and religious importance.

Ralang Hot Spring

Ralang hot spring is considered to have some medicinal value to cure skin problems. Located on the bank of Rangit River, this hot spring is called as Ralang Cha-Chu by the locals and a nice place to watch birds and butterflies.


Borong is an outstanding tourist place in South Sikkim. It is actually a small village, offering awesome view of surrounding valleys and mountains peaks at distance. Borong is also a part of the trekking expeditions, starting from Namchi.

Kewzing Village

Deep green jungle and observation of endangered birds – these are what mainly attract people towards the small Bhutia village of Kewzing. The interesting part is that, this location provides easy access to more than one monastery like Mangbru and Pemayangtse in West Sikkim, Bon in North Sikkim, Tashiding, Ralang, Ravangla towards southeast and Doling in East Sikkim.

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