Sightseeing in Zuluk

Zuluk Sightseeing

Early morning Sunrise from Thambi view point at 11,200 feet. Zuluk Sightseeing Covering as many of the following Lungthung,Adi Baba Mandir,Luxmi Chawk, Kalpokhari Lake, Tuluk Valley, Nag temple, Gnathang Valley.

Places to Visit in Zuluk


Lungthung, one of the well known sightseeing, is at an elevation of around 12,400 ft above the sea level. The site offers abode to different species of pheasant such as monal pheasant, khaleez pheasant and blood pheasant. Along with this, tourists can also spot red panda, the national animal of Sikkim, at this site.Tourists can also explore the famous Luxmi Chawk, which lies in proximity of Lungthung. It is a dense forest that houses mosses, lichens, rhododendrons and ferns.

Adi Baba Mandir

Adi Baba Mandir was constructed in honour of Sepoy Bhajan Singh. It is believed that Sepoy Bhajan Singh met with an accident and died at this site. This attraction is famous for the Wreath Laying Ceremony organised in the memory of soldiers who sacrificed their lives at the watershed while defending their motherland.

Kalpokhari Lake

Kalpokhari Lake, which is located close to Adi Baba Mandir, is one of the well known attractions of Zuluk. Various wild ducks can be spotted swimming in this lake. In the winter season, water of the lake becomes frozen

Tuluk Valley

Tuluk Valley, which is located at an elevation of around 12,500 ft, is another well known valley of Zuluk. This valley contains the famous war memorial, which was constructed to commemorate the death of British soldiers who died in the Battle of Tukla. One can also explore Jelep La Pass that is situated close to this attraction

Nag Temple

Nag temple is one of the most famous temples dedicated to the Nag Devta. Shaped like a cave, the temple houses a beautiful idol of King Cobra or Nag, which is a god in Hindu mythology. Naturally formed, idol of Nag Devta is made through the cracks in rocks.

Gnathang Valley

Gnathang Valley is a famous tourist attraction, which is situated at a height of 13,000 feet. The valley is being developed as a ski point in the Indian state of Sikkim as it is often covered with snow

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